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Pilot study

Key findings

  • Summertime indoor temperatures frequently exceeded 30 degrees Celsius, much above PHE’s threshold of 26 degrees Celsius.

  • Overheating was found in many locations in the care homes regardless of the overheating metric used.

  • The majority of residents said they felt ‘neutral’ – not too hot and not too cold – even at high temperatures, while staff found themselves ‘warm/hot’ at the same temperatures.

  • Nevertheless staff were willing to put up with up with uncomfortably hot temperatures if they felt it was in the residents’ best interest.

  • Solutions to tackle overheating:

  • Night time ventilation

  • External shading

  • Reflective external walls

  • Minimising internal heat gains

  • Active cooling​ - fans and air conditioning

Photo 13-06-2019, 13 29 53.jpg
Photo 17-06-2019, 13 21 48.jpg
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