• Oikonomou, E, Mavrogianni, A, Jain, N, Gupta, R, Wilkinson, P, Howard, A, Milojevic, A; Davies, M (2020) Assessing heat vulnerability in London care settings: case studies of adaptation to climate change, Proceedings of the Building Simulation and Optimisation Conference 2020, London, 21-22 September 2020

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Non-academic outputs

  • Climate Change Risk Assessment 3 (CCRA 3): Evidence provided to inform CCRA3 on the impact of climate change risks on care homes in the UK.

  • Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE): Webinar and research insights document.

  • Greater London Authority (GLA): Care Home Overheating Audit Pilot Reports - evidence provided in relation to the indoor overheating of care homes.

  • Futurebuild built environment event: Brief overview of the project and its main findings presented.