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Project Advisory Board meeting

January 2023

The ClimaCare team held an online meeting for Project Advisory Board to discuss progress made and plans for the future including dissemination of research findings. In attendance were representatives from CIBSE, UKHSA, the Met Office, CQC and UKCRP.


Participatory Workshop

October 2022

ClimaCare team held an online workshop for Project Advisory Board and stakeholders including care home managers, policy makers and industry. The workshop focused on actions taken in response to overheating and possible solutions to overheating.

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Recruitment and comfort surveys

October 2022

About 47 care homes now involved in ClimaCare. Over 2000 thermal comfort surveys conducted over the summer period by OBU researchers.


Heatwaves across England

July 2022

UK heatwave periods have broken all records, with outdoor temperatures reaching 40 °C. Care homes staff are doing their best to manage indoor temperatures, but it’s not easy.

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Even more recruitment and monitoring

May 2022

Over 40 care homes across England involved in the project, with environmental monitoring under way and thermal comfort surveys planned throughout the summer

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More recruitment and monitoring

November 2021

Through the autumn, more care homes have joined the project and more have been visited to begin environmental monitoring. Over 30 care homes are now involved in the project.

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Recruitment and monitoring

June 2021

Despite lockdowns and Covid restrictions, several care homes have been recruited for the project and environmental monitoring has started.


Nationwide project approved

May 2020

The nationwide study has officially begun.


Covid-19 impact

March 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, visits to care homes will not be possible for the foreseeable future. This will impact the longitudinal environmental monitoring and recruitment of care homes to the nationwide project.

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Stakeholder workshop

October 2019

UCL hosted a ClimaCare stakeholder workshop to share the initial findings from the pilot study. The workshop was well-attended by managers from the case study care homes, and experts from CIBSE, Public Health England, Care Quality Commission, GLA and DEFRA. Thank you to all who attended the workshop.

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Interviews conducted

September 2019

A total of 66 interviews have been conducted across the five case study care homes. Interviewees included residents, frontline care workers, resident nurses and team leaders, and care home managers. Thank you to all who took part in these interviews.

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Surveys conducted

August 2019

Over the past ten weeks, surveys have been conducted in the five case study care homes. Surveys were conducted on the hottest days of this period in order to get an understanding of thermal perceptions from residents and staff. A total of 661 surveys were completed – 366 from staff, 295 from residents.

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Presentation at a case study care home

August 2019

A presentation was delivered in the first of the recruited case study care homes. It discussed why overheating matters for care homes, explained what the ClimaCare study aims to achieve and how the care home will be able to play a part in this.

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Map of case study care homes

June 2019

With all five case study care homes recruited, a map has been created showing the locations of the homes across the Greater London area. 

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The fourth and fifth case study care homes recruited

June 2019

Two more care homes have been recruited and environmental monitoring has begun. Both are located in the west London area.

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A third care home has been recruited

June 2019

The third case study care home has been recruited and environmental monitoring has begun.

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Second care home recruited

April 2019

Recruitment and monitoring has begun in the second case study care home, located in central London and quite different from the first case study in terms of size, building age and construction type.


Environmental monitoring of first case study care home begins

March 2019

First case study care home, a purpose-built five-storey care home in north-west London, visited and indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring begins.

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